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Jade Vernon

Colenso Primary - Colenso


Thank you for all the stuff and I am done with exams and I hope I pass


Mountview secondary school - durban


working really nice...really works

Concilia Balogi

Dendron Secondary School -


Bagless learning system makes it easier to remember things because it makes use of animations that help to explain and elaborate certain concept. The sound also gives it a more exciting feel and keeps me alert during the class. I love it! I can access everything that was covered in class. If i cannot make it to school even then I can engage with my teacher instantly.

Boitumelo Keetse

Dendron Secondary School -


I loved the new way of learning! Pupil in other grades were looking forward to switching to paperless learning. Earlier our laboratory had no resources but with the new smart classroom, all we need to conduct experiment was a click away. It is such an advantage because we don't have to carry heavy bags any more.


Extramarks - johannesburg


Really great package

Ashish Gangwar

Abcd school - delhi


extramarks content is very helpful.